Re: Important Delta/Globalstar info

From: Daniel Deak (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 13:03:55 PST

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    Hi Patrice and list,
    Patrice Gambaro wrote:
    > directly above our heads. Are these two events the ones your are talking about ?
    > What can we expect to see during those 24.5 secondes ? Do we need binocs ?
        Like many others in North America last August 17, I saw a similar maneuver
    that took place in less favourable conditions as viewed from Quebec and it was
    nevertheless spectacular naked eye and ever more with binocs. To see how it
    looked like, I made a drawing of it :
        For details of the observation see :
        This time, depending on location in Quebec, it will be almost directly overhead.
    February skies are more clear that August and if weather cooperate, we will be
    treated to a great show. For Quebec observers, I'll put some info in French and
    visibility maps on my web site somewhere Wednesday or Thursday. Check
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