Revised 6 Feb 2000 Delta/Globalstar Info

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2000 - 17:26:13 PST

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    GLOBALSTAR, 6 Feb 2000, 21:26 UT Launch
    1 99999P 0000XA   00038.66798723 -.00007082  00000-0 -33879-1 0    41
    2 99999  52.0194 353.4931 0011062 270.1993  53.4000 13.92500000    98
    Adjusted RAAN and mean anomaly to get close to the SECO 4 burnout
    location posted by Dan Deak.  Readers must realize I only know the 
    launch time to the minute so allow at least that much time uncertainty.
    Also I see on Florida Today that the earliest launch date is 9 Feb.  
    I may not be available to generate a new elset so I nominate Dan to
    learn how to use ADJ2LINE to get a new elset.  That software is
    available at:
    Look for
    Now for my insight as a world-renown rocket burn observer.  Having
    seen four burn events last year, I still am skeptical that the 
    "horn of plenty" is due to anything other than unburned propellants
    or other consummables.
    I do believe that the beginning and end of each burn can be detected
    by a faint plume...probably incomplete combustion.  I do recommend the
    use of binoculars.  I also suggest having a tape recorder available to
    accurately correlate observed events with prelaunch event times.
    Ron Lee
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