Missile/Rocket seen from near Dayton Nevada.

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Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 17:42:59 -0800
January 1st, 2018, 1701h, Pacific time.

My girl was out running this evening and came in very excited to let me 
know about the Super-Moon coming over the horizon.  As we watched it, I 
looked overhead to see a brilliant blue/white light, similar in color to 
the new LED motorcycle headlamps, and very large in size.  We initially 
thought it was a planet, then realized it was moving.  Then I thought it 
may be a project similar to the google balloon.  I ran into the house to 
get binoculars and a camera and when I came out, the previously round 
spot of light was now a fat arc, similar in the appearance of seeing an 
umbrella from the side. We watched as it became a long brilliant line, 
like a vapor trail, then separated into two brilliant points of 
blue-white light with the trail between them.  We watched for another 
ten seconds or so as the points of light and trail diminished, then 
suddenly went out entirely, as though turning off a light.  From Dayton, 
Nevada, the vehicle was almost directly overhead, perhaps slightly east, 
direction was very much North-West.

Nothing seen or heard on the groups/lists/schedules.



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