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> About a year ago, one of the 9x,xxx satellites (90020)
> reentered and this is about where it reentered...
> Comments are always welcome. 

You say in the article, "The US government can continue to 
conceal the missions of important satellites but it is 
being irresponsible in concealing the orbits of satellites 
in this situation. We are better than that." But I don't 
understand what would be the point of telling people in 
some quite large part of the globe, "One of our satellites 
is probably going to fall down in your area next week." 
Nobody could do anything about it anyway; nobody could 
dodge the satellite if it were actually falling on them; 
and the chance of anybody being injured or killed is really 
very low indeed. The US Government has, very sensibly, 
decided to run that risk, and - obviously - to pay 
compensation for any property damage or human damage that 
may occur. (Actually an international treaty says that they 
must.) I don't think it would be a good idea to alarm 
populations in the areas in question in advance. It would 
just spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and prejudice 
people against space operations generally, and possibly 
even engender false claims. We have quite enough artificial 
panics as it is.

Thomas Goodey

Underhill was furious. It didn't make
much sense to wear a uniform and
look like a soldier if people didn't 
appreciate what you did. He 
remembered the girl in the corridor.
She had glanced at his uniform, then
looked at him scornfully. "Meow." 
That was all she had said. Yet it cut 
him like a knife.

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