Re: Missile/Rocket seen from near Dayton Nevada.

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Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 20:32:01 -0800
"Actually, the vast majority of orbital launches from Vandenberg..."

Thinking I'm missing some of the posts, will check the archives, but...

Thought back to all the launch sites I know of, and the directions they 
launch, none of them make sense.

This was very much north-west over Nevada, brilliant blue/white/violet 
color at the engines, so probably a big/expensive H2/LOX rocket, and 
dumped stages as it went, so again, not small, or inexpensive.  It was 
observed over about two minutes with the naked eye, and optics as it 
ascended, the plume changed, engine shut down, separation, another stage 
firing, both stages moving with plume between them, then both suddenly 
blinked out, again very odd.

No info- anywhere, nothing in social media, news, radio, or the subject 
specific groups.

Who, and where, would launch such a craft over Nevada, from the 
south-west, and taking into consideration the excitement of the recent 
Space-X launch, and zero information on this one, nobody anywhere knows 
about it???


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