Re: bright fast unid

From: Makoto Kamada (
Date: Sat Jul 02 2011 - 01:52:27 UTC

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    According to the elements of four hours before the observation,
    there is no doubt that the object was 25063 1997-074A TRMM.
    Screen shot of the Satellite Tracker 3D:
    Makoto Kamada
    On 2011/07/02 6:33, Ed Cannon wrote:
    > Mike sent TRMM (25063, 97-74A) as a candidate,
    > and I like the track.  However, the predictions,
    > using three-day-old elements, are quite early.
    >   But if they reboosted TRMM in the last couple
    > of days, that was probably it.  Still, it would
    > be one of the brightest TRMM passes I've ever
    > seen.
    > I had TRMM predictions but failed to notice
    > them last night in the dark due to conflicting
    > objects, including two bright Iridium flares
    > (one that seemed to match the Calsky predicted
    > -6.7 magnitude pretty well) a few minutes
    > before.
    > Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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