Observed what?

From: Dirk Devlies (dirk.devlies@telenet.be)
Date: Mon Jul 04 2011 - 22:58:29 UTC

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    Hello all
    I saw something special (to me) tonight. At around 22.32 UT on monday 5th, I saw two satellites in the south west, at about an altitude of 25 (to the left and below Arcturus). The satellites rose higher in the sky and faded from the moment I saw them. When I noticed them, they were about mag -1 (brighter than Vega) and when they reached an altitude of about 40 they both were hard to see by naked eye (about mag 5). They moved quite slow (slower than ISS). It was not the ISS, nor an Iridium. Closest match according tot heavens-above is SL-8 R/B, but predicted brightness is much less than observed. I looked from Bruges, Belgium. Anyone wanting to try to find out what I saw? Maybe a Noss duo?
    Kind greetings
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