Busy Period for Launches

From: Bob Christy (bob@zarya.info)
Date: Wed Jul 13 2011 - 10:44:27 UTC

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    So far, two successful launches - Tianlian 1-02 (Jul 11) and a cluster 
    of six Globalstar 2 satellites (today - Jul 13).
    Three more launches are in countdown for the next two days - Navstar, 
    GSat 12 and the dual payload SES 3 and Kazsat 2. If successful that will 
    make a total of 11 satellites in five days from four different launch 
    sites to a mixture of LEO, MEO and GTO.
    Next week has a further two firm launches and one possible launch 
    carrying a further ten satellites between them.
    See: http://zarya.info/a
    Bob Christy
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