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From: George Roberts (
Date: Tue Jul 19 2011 - 16:06:24 UTC

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    >Thank you David and all who have alerted me to this service. One list 
    >member has tried it, but the results seem false. I
    >have asked him to considering some different settings for the field size. 
    >My guess is that it is at least 5 deg, up to
    >several tens of degrees. I tried spotting the four brightest stars in 
    >SkyAtlas 2000.0, but nothing jumped out at me.
    I think astrometry was correct.  I took the suggestions from astrometry and 
    there is definitely one extra star in the photo but otherwise a very very 
    good match.
    Here is your picture overlaid with a star chart with red stars.  You can see 
    that most of the white stars and red stars match up nicely with the huge 
    exception of the white star half way to the edge at the 11 oclock position 
    in this photo:
    With photoshop I can drag your image around and it is easier to see which 
    stars match up and which don't.
    I tried removing the trail and crease (the second white line) and got the 
    same results.  I removed a few random bright stars and no matter which star 
    I removed I got zero results.
    So the result is that the image is about 10 degrees the long way and 6 
    degrees the short way.  The image is not mirror reversed and if the image 
    was taken around 3am local time then the image is lined up with the horizon 
    with up being to the left in your jpeg.
    The bright star with the sputnik trail through it is gamma Pyxdis.  A 
    constellation I am not familiar with - south of Hydra.
    - George Roberts
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