Re: Seeking identification of stars in photo

From: George Roberts (
Date: Wed Jul 20 2011 - 13:50:35 UTC

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    >Perth is at
    >  31.933S, 115.833 E
    That was helpful, thanks.  Plus last night when I emailed I was about to go 
    to bed.
    If the picture was taken near perth and the camera frame was paralell with 
    the horizon and the picture was taken on oct 9, 1957 utc then the picture 
    was taken at 18:55 UTC +/- 10 minutes.   Additionally for every degree the 
    camera is out of level could add 11 minutes to the error (this 11 minutes 
    was determined for this specific alt/azi/lat/declination position 
    I believe this works out to 2:55AM on oct 10 if they didn't use DST in Perth 
    in 1957 but I'm much less sure of the time zone.  The time in UTC I have 
    much more confidence in.
    - George Roberts
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