Kosmos 2297 (1994-077A, 23404) photographed by meteorcamera.

From: Bram Dorreman (bram.dorreman@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 10 2012 - 10:14:35 UTC

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    I frequently receive photographs from my friend meteor observer,
    living about 40 miles south of me.
    Location 5.13833 E, 50.81899 N.
    On these photographs are traces of satellites of which he wants to
    know which satellite produced them.
    Amongst his records were two of the same object, as given in the subject.
    I was able to identify it as Kosmos 1994-077A a Tselina 2 type Kosmos.
    The nice thing of Tselina 2 Kosmos satellites is that the shift in
    transittime per day cancels out
    the shift in orbital plane precession. Not exactly, but almost. That
    means a satellite will be "seen"
    in about the same sun - observer - configuration in subsequent days.
    This was also derived from these photographs.
    My identifications yielded the following results:
    2012-06-30 01:16:24 RA 17h 06m dec -2 Az 232 deg alt 25 deg
    2012-07-01 01:03:22 RA 17h 03m dec -2 Az 230 deg alt 25 deg
    Bram Dorreman using 7x50 binoculars and/or unaided eyes
    Site 4160: 51.27931 N, 5.47683 E, 35 m (WGS84)
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