NOSS Flare Alert

Date: Tue Jul 10 2012 - 20:20:09 UTC

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    According to my model, over the next 5 days the pair of NOSS 3-2 A/C may 
    quasi-stationary flares that can be observed from locations close to latitude 
    50 deg N. 
    Such flares can reach negative magnitudes and can last even more than one 
    giving also the impression of no motion due to their low elevation.
    One of these has been accidentally observed from Berlin two days ago:
    (From higher latitudes, however, non-stationary flares can be observed as 
    Predictions can be generated with the online program using the following link:,28097
    by clicking on the "Predict Flares" button.
    An old video of a Noss flare (non-stationary) can be found here:
    with some details here:
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