Flare or ... UFO ?

From: joseph daniel (station969@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Jul 14 2012 - 07:09:15 UTC

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    Well ...
     Maybe it goes like that , somehow . Been seeing so many brilliant flares that are not listed on
    Heavens-above.com lately . Seems every time I look up I see something moving high above .
    Anyway ~(around) 05:50 UTC01:55 Toronto time (EST)
    LAT     43.17021
    LONG -79.25996
    Moving thru DRACO (possibly , I really don't know my constellations because the light pollutionaround my home wipes most of the stars out)
    Moving East to West rapidly
    Almost directly overhead and maybe 10 degrees towards the NW
    High rate of speed = 5X the ISS or more
    Mag of -7 
    It was a constant -7 though ,like an iridium flare but lasting for the entire 5-7 seconds that Iwas able to observe until it became totally obscured by thick trees .
     Looked like an aircraft's landing light in a way , that is to say , it was not a pin-point light but
    was several times larger than a typical ISS-like flare .
     OK , but , a plane would have had to have been at a very low altitude to be moving that quickly ,so I should have heard _something_ .
     However , it did not behave like an aircraft landing light sighting . It passed overhead andbeyond and was still just as brilliant .
     Lost it in the trees eventually but was heading directly toward West Toronto (Oakville) andnever faded in brilliance .
    I'd like to say that it was 100% silent but I can't due to window air conditioners running  .
    My poor old eyes are in sad shape right now with these brand new allergies I've developed ,
    but I could have sworn I saw 2 very tiny coloured lights immediately next to the white light ,but maybe not at all .
     The only thing I've seen that resembled this sighting were asteroid fireballs , as far as
    velocity is concerned .  Fireballs I've been lucky enough to catch lasted only 1-2 seconds .
     This was more like a search light pointing down from a fast moving silent aircraft . Nothingbreaking up and turning various colours as it slowly decelerates and then flames out . 
    Very sorry for the totally amateurish report . If anyone has any questions that might helpnarrow this down a little , please feel free to ask .
     I was heading for bed but I think I'll have a beer or 2 now .
    I do apologize if indeed this forum is not the correct venue for this type of odd reporting .
    Cheers & thanks for the info ,JD 
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