Standard Flare Reports - Proposal

Date: Sun Jul 29 2012 - 11:32:50 UTC

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    After your feedbacks I decided to further develop the idea to propose 
    a standard format for reporting flare observations, with the aim to 
    facilitate the collection and the analysis of such events.
    I investigated previous standards and proposals, in particular the 
    IOD, PPAS formats and suggestions in:
    As a result, I propose to introduce a new standard suitable for both 
    flaring and flashing objects in LEO and GEO orbits, and that can be 
    easily used also by casual observers but without loosing the 
    capability to carry accurate data provided by experienced observers.
    I assigned to this possible standard the temporary name FPAS, which
    stands for Flaring Position of Artificial Satellites, and I formalized my 
    results in a document available at this link:
    To better explain and easily try this format I also created an online 
    report generator that supports all the features of the report. This tool 
    is available at this link:
    I am willing to discuss my proposal and to implement each change
    that may be necessary. If adopted I intend to support this new standard
    in my offline and online program in order to make the creation and the
    analysis of these report even easier.
    Best Regards,
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