Re: Standard Flare Reports - Proposal

From: Brad Young (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2012 - 16:34:24 UTC

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    FPAS,77777,RBY18A,20120729,030001,1s,-,36,264,201,FABG,8,-8,25s,N,A,12.5,25.2,1,-,-,(1)Initials only(2)omit(3)need invisible(4)consider h:m:s;
    Tried to make a fake report with comments; they did not come out well. To summarize:
    No names - initials or COSPAR ID would be more useful
    No birth date - seems invasive
    Add satellite's international ID - legacy of PPAS
    Distinguish between "regular" flares and geosat flares that can last several minutes
    Need an invisible magnitude (inv or i or sideways 8) for before / after flare or anti-flare
    Add HH:MM:SS for RA, this is a standard used universally
    **DO NOT post unclassified TLEs - this is prohibited by Space-Track. Suggest making posting TLE an option, not suppressed default, and then post only if part of classfd.tle or an unknown
    In general, if there is a way to make it "fit" the PPAS format better, that may be useful, but just a suggestion. I like having the automatic generator.
    Brad Young
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