Two, possibly three 'Tubular Bells' objects seen last night

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2021 12:18:08 +0200
Hi all,

Last night I observed, with video, two passes and a total of 2 to 3 objects from
the 'Tubular Bells' launch. Aim was to try to image Brik-II (which is either
2021-058D, E or F).

I definitely observed objects A and B and possibly object C.

The first pass around 21:45 UT (Jul 2) in a still quite bright sky was targeted
with the 1.4/85 mm lens on the WATEC 902H2 Supreme camera, and concerned objects
2021-058B to H. It was a pass south of me. I could see, on screen during the
pass and later on the recorded video as well, object B, as a *very* faint object
barely above noise level. On screen during the pass I thought I did see, very
faintly, Object C as well, but cannot see it anymore looking at the recorded
video. A field of thin cirrus was invading the FOV during the observations alas,
so I saw nothing more and the limiting magnitude was below what it could have
been, and quickly worsening over the observation.

The second pass was north of me, with a less favourable illumination angle. The
sky had cleared. I used a 2.0/135 mm lens this time. Around 22:49 UT Object
2021-058A, now about half an hour ahead of the other objects, was easily seen
and recorded as a quite bright object, suggesting this is indeed the LauncherOne
upper stage & dispenser. The other objects, passing around 23:24 UT, were not
seen on this pass (as I mentioned above, the illumination angle on a pass north
of me is worse than on a pass south of me).

Next time I will try another southern pass with the 135 mm (which goes deeper
than the 85 mm, at the expense of FOV), but it seems weather is going to be an
issue tonight and the southern passes are creeping more and more into twilight
the coming days.

- Marco

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