NavWarning ISS PIRS module deorbit

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 14:23:20 +0200
The Navigational Warning for the deorbit of the ISS PIRS module has appeared.


- Marco

190923Z JUL 21
HYDROPAC 2078/21(83).
DNC 06.
   A. 231630Z TO 231830Z JUL IN AREA BOUND BY
      49-15.0S 144-37.0W, 50-27.0S 135-03.0W,
      50-00.0S 123-37.0W, 52-45.0S 123-38.0W,
      52-38.0S 134-45.0W, 51-40.0S 144-29.0W.
   B. 241400Z TO 241600Z JUL IN AREA BOUND BY
      35-46.0S 149-04.0W, 39-34.0S 143-08.0W,
      43-29.0S 134-23.0W, 46-00.0S 134-41.0W,
      42-26.0S 142-40.0W, 38-42.0S 149-46.0W.
   C. 241530Z TO 241730Z JUL IN AREA BOUND BY
      46-53.0S 149-10.0W, 49-00.0S 140-21.0W,
      50-00.0S 128-57.0W, 52-26.0S 129-05.0W,
      51-26.0S 139-53.0W, 49-31.0S 149-11.0W.
   D. 251300Z TO 251500Z JUL IN AREA BOUND BY
      33-38.0S 146-10.0W, 37-34.0S 140-37.0W,
      41-42.0S 132-21.0W, 44-00.0S 132-46.0W,
      40-27.0S 140-11.0W, 36-34.0S 146-58.0W.
   E. 251430Z TO 251630Z JUL IN AREA BOUND BY
      43-36.0S 152-36.0W, 46-29.0S 144-48.0W,
      49-00.0S 134-08.0W, 50-55.0S 134-13.0W,
      49-07.0S 144-17.0W, 46-25.0S 152-51.0W.
   F. 261400Z TO 261600Z JUL IN AREA BOUND BY
      40-19.0S 153-35.0W, 43-40.0S 146-40.0W,
      47-00.0S 136-57.0W, 48-47.0S 136-54.0W,
      46-27.0S 146-10.0W, 43-12.0S 154-03.0W.
2. CANCEL THIS MSG 261700Z JUL 21.

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