videotaping of mir

From: Alphonse Pouplier <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 13:23:08 -0400

Concerning the tracking and videotaping of MIR, I sent to David MOORE the
following text by fax in order to not encumber the SEESAT-L mail. But as
I see the answer of Robert PRESTON I think it can be of some interest for
everybody. Dear Mister MOORE, I just see your message to SESAT-L
concerning videotaping of MIR. I am myselve a fan of art.sat.
observation. I developped several programs, namely to track them with a
computer controlled alt-az Newton telescope (D=130mm F=720mm). I film
their spinning with a CCD Video recorder camera. You can find an article
about my works in S&T of august 1993 :"My robotic AstroScan". I could
record a passage of MIR when the Sun was only 1x under the horizon! At the
end of that passage, it's very interesting to see MIR amongst the branches
of a tree. MIR remains centered in the TV screen, appearing and
disappearing behind the moving branches. With five other amateurs (all
subscribers of SEESAT-L) we could track 21 satellites during the same
night ! Amongst them the rocket of Comstar 4 (Norad #12363) which, due to
its excentricity, was 25,000 Km far from us. As you can see in the
article of S&T, I tried several kinds of mounts, even a spheric one for
the AstroScan. At my opinion, the equatorial mounts are not convenient at
all for several reasons. The alt-az one I use almost every day is ideal:
No problem of balancing, eyepiece always horizontal, etc... Kindest
regards, Alphonse POUPLIER
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