Fast satellite?

From: Mike Johnston <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 15:22:18 -0400

Okay, let's see how friendly a group this is. I'm fairly new to satellite observing and I have an observation that seemed to me to be incredible. So go gentle with me if the question seems dumb.

I was out last February to look for some bright satellites with computer predictions in hand. I live in Orange county which kas become quite light polluted but I can usually find some good ones if they're high enough.

On this night (I was alone as my family thinks I'm crazy) and trying looking at where I though the candidate satellite would show up when something did. But it certainly didn't follow the timeline I was expecting. I picked it up at about 30 degrees elevation and it went fairly high 70-80. The incredible part was that it took no more than 5 seconds (I could be slightly wrong here but my point is that it was not the usual 3-4 minutes I was used to) to traverse the sky.

The next day, at work, I ran the satellite program I had picked up somewhere for the whole database in that 10 minute window. Nothing showed but The program just complains about anything lower than 150 kms and shows no data.

I know there are satellites that are eccentric enough to have a perigee lower than this. Would one of these be flying by this fast? or should I be asking a UFO group?
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