From: Alphonse Pouplier <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 13:25:38 -0400

I received from David MOORE two personal messages. I think my answer could
interest other SESAT-L users. 1st MESSAGE: Your fax came through very
clear. I assume it is a fax/modem. I like the picture of you(?) in
Saturn. I am look for fax saoftware that can send pictures. Did you
create the image specially or is sending pictures a feature of the fax
software you use? If so, please tell me the name of the software. MY
ANSWER: I answered by fax for 2 reasons: 1) I thought a message to
SEESAT-L could encumber it. 2) As you can see, the soft I'm using for
E-Mail messages does not respect the paragraphs. When I'll be back to
Belgium I intend to try another soft but I use INTERNET as a private user
and with a normal PC. My fax-modem is a USRobotics PCMCIA 14,400 BPS
inside a COMPAQ Concerto 486 notebook PC. To send fax, I use the soft
QL2FAX (in DOS because I avoid to use WINDOWS when possible). That soft
converts the .PCX files into .QFX files for sending as "cover-page" or
normal faxable document. The photograph of myselve was taken with the
digitysing camera PHOTOMAN. The soft delivered with that camera is called
PHOTOTOUCH of LOGITEC (under WINDOWS...). It gives the possibility to
"play" with .PCX, .BMP and TIFF files. With the soft GraphicWorkShop, I
converted the SATURN.GIF of COSMOS into .PCX and have put my photograph
into it. With a similar process, I can make a faxable graphic file from a
screen made with my program VOIRSAT which gives the track of any sat.
amongst the stary sky of anywhere. I'll soon send you such a fax. I use
QL2FAX every day. I really love it because it's much faster to use it than
any WINDOWS-fax-soft. 2d MESSAGE: Thank you for your reply and fax. I
read your S&T article with great interest at the time it was published. I
admire what you have achieved. What video camera do you use? How big is
it? How heavy? My super polaris mount can tilt from 0 deg to 90 deg
latitude so it's quite flexible - it could therefore 'pretend' to be an
altazimuth! I am only using it because it is all I have got. Can you see
detail on Mir with your system? MY ANSWER: I use a very sensitive B&W
PHILIPS video-camera. I'm presently in Provence for other demonstrations
and left it at home. I'll send you when I'll be back home the exact data
of it. As I can remember, it's about NO CARRIER
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