Re: PC Prediction software for 4,000+ elements?

From: Bjorn Gimle <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 05:20:09 -0400

QuickSat uses a "reference file" (quicksat.mag) where you can designate
each object with a flag character, which you can use to describe the
kind of object/orbit, and/or your interests in observing it.

In a prediction run, you can select a combination of up to five flag
characters, and the elset file can be as large as you want, provided
that the matching lines in the .mag file meet the 2000 limit.

If you do not specify any characters, you must limit the size of the
elset file.

SkyMap by Rob Matson, which I use most, does not have any limit, and
you can get both tabular and graphic predictions, restricted by
altitude, culmination altitude, pergiee, ranga and/or magnitude, if you
wish. If you want to select by name/number from a larger elset, you
are restricted to ten satellites at a time.

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