Re: PC Prediction software f

From: Bill Bard <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 08:10:36 -0400

For the Macintosh, OrbiTrack has no problems keeping track of 4000+
elements. The only problem is on a slow Mac or with a lack of memory and
disk space or if you try to track all the objects at once on the earth

Date: 6/6/95 7:58 PM
To: Bill Bard

I just grabbed Allen Thomson's monster element set (about
630k, comprised of over 4000 elements), and I'm wondering
if there's any PC (MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 or Linux) prediction
software that can handle this many elements at one time?

>From the archive, I retrieved Quicksat 2.10 and Sat 4.75,
which appear to have a 2,000 and 650 element limit, respectively.
Will I be forced to split this element file up, or is there
something else available?

Any leads or pointers would be most appreciated.

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