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>> You mentioned that you use "Sky Map" by Rob Matson.

>>Is this commercial software?
It is shareware, with registration fee of your own choice.

>>If so, where can I obtain it from? If it's
>>freely-distributable, where can I ftp it from?

I don't know if version 5.9 is on FTP, and I always use RPV (see below)
where Rob Matson always uploads his newest. Here are excerpts from mails:
For skymap 5.7 try
if you can get on it...

Neil Clifford                Mail for PGP key           *MIME spoken here*
Geoff Chester ( may have put it (or found it)
on "the Kestrel site" ?
Dave Mullenix, (Clear Skies BBS in Madison, WI at (608) 249-7130.)
uploaded them to
"If anybody has any questions, I'd be happy to help.  Email me at"
The first two  BBSes may have older versions of SkyMap (?):
Dave Mullenix  +1-608-249-7130   9600 N81
CSS            +1-416-458-5907  19200 N81
This one has the latest, 5.9  :
RPV, Dave Ransom, 2400..14400 baud +1-310-541-7299
 SKYMAP Star Plotting Program by Rob Matson
 SKYMAP is Rob Matson's terrific star map and satellite plotting program.
 In addition to the program file, PRTGL128.ZIP or some other HPGL print
 program is required to print the files. Output is generated on the screen
 for EGA and VGA systems ONLY.                                       [1617]
 For a sample (and to test your HPGL print program or PRINTGL), download
 the file STS37PLT.ZIP.
SKY59.NEW      27281 05-15-95* SkyMap v5.9 Update Notes               
SKY59A.ZIP    284112 05-15-95* SkyMap v5.9 archive 1 of 3. Executable, up-  
                               date notes, support files.  For users of  
                               v5.5- 5.7, archive 1 is all that is needed. 
SKYCON59.ZIP   33528 05-15-95* Utility to convert unregistered SkyMap 5.9  
                               to  registered version.  Only works forr 
                               registered users.                      
SKY57B.ZIP    252249 09/29/94 SkyMap v5.7 archive 2 of 3. Contains star
                              data files to visual magnitude 6.5, plus
                              old SkyMap documentation file, SKYMAP.DOC.
SKY57C.ZIP    160746 09/29/94 SkyMap v5.7 archive 3 of 3. Auxiliary files
                              for use w/SkyMap. Sample geographical
                              features files, .CFG files, and audio files.
PRTGL128.ZIP  108182 12/20/92 Version 1.28 of the HPGL printing utility
                              PRINTGL [128]
DEEP15.ZIP     55320 09/07/93 Arizona Deep Sky database for use with
                              SkyMap V4.7+. Contains 5925 objects to mag
                              15 (The default deepsky cat w/skymap has
                              only 1276)
STS37PLT.ZIP    5519 04/09/91 STS-37 RPV Orbit 77 Sample Star Map (HPGL)
STARPROG.ZIP  120990 11/13/91 Star Catalog Programs for SKYMAP V2.8+
SMSTARS1.ZIP  187045 03/05/91 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 1/6
SMSTARS2.ZIP  180272 03/05/91 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 2/6
SMSTARS3.ZIP  181262 03/05/91 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 3/6
SMSTARS4.ZIP  179716 03/05/91 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 4/6
SMSTARS5.ZIP  177506 03/05/91 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 5/6
SMSTARS6.ZIP   79319 03/05/91 SkyMap 28-byte SAO Star Catalogs, 6/6
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