Alphonse Pouplier's program

From: Jeffrey C. Hunt <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 13:05:27 -0400

I wanted to thank Alphonse Pouplier for the interesting (yet
small) program mailed on SeeSat-L a couple of
days ago. Unfortunately I did not keep his e-mail address
(if there was one) in his second download of
I finally found some time to try to run the program again
and this time the recommended voirsat.doc file was found which
allowed me to better understand the program. Initially I kept
getting the "Too Far" alarm when I ran it with the supplied
Mir elements. I finally realized that I failed to advance
the date correctly when I changed to UTC from Eastern
Daylight Time. I will attempt to use more up to date
elements for Mir and other satellites later today. I wish
my Astronomy program, Dance of the Planets, had this
feature. My satellite program Sat Pro has a skymap feature
but it doesn't provide a local horizon as a reference point.
Thanks again. Jeff Hunt
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