STS-71 burns.

From: N Clifford <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 15:23:11 -0400
Manuevering burns for STS-71 are as follows:

NH    1/02:25 MET June 28  2157 UTC
NC-3  1/12:25 MET June 29  0757 UTC
Ti    1/13:58 MET June 29  0930 UTC

So expect the shuttle to be a little later on pre-burn elsets I guess.
Predictions up for European passes tonight (pre NH). I'll try and get a
post NH elset in time for US passes (my mail seems to have slowed up).

I keep the latest elset I have at

Latest Mir is mirrored off OIG at

NASA Select deprived persons in Europe should be able to see (some) of
the docking on CNN Int.. Folks in the UK and low countries can watch
two special programmes on this on BBC1 tommorow afternoon and evening
(around 1510 and 2235 UTC I think) - I think they are hoping to have the
hatch opening live. Might be on BBC WS TV on Eutelsat II F1 but not sure.



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