Mir and Atlantis

From: David W. Bishop <bishop_at_utica.ge.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 10:27:42 -0400

Up in Northern New York State we have had alot of hot hazy days lately,
little rain, but lots of sky haze and high clouds.

On the night of 6/27 we had our first pass of Mir and Atlantis. Both passes
were 50 degrees above the northern horizon. Atlantis following Mir by
about 12 minutes.

On the night of 6/28 our next pass was 60 degrees above the southern
horizon, with just about 100 % illumination on both the station and the
shuttle. Mir showed up at -2.0, and the shuttle was at least -3.5, brighter
than Venus at its brightest. Note that I was looking at this through
haze and high clouds. Though not in the sky at the same time, the shuttle
followed Mir by about 5 minutes.

Tonight we have another pass, though poor, we should be able to catch
it if the sky is clear enough. We have another almost perfect pass
comming up on Friday. I can just imagen the brightness when they dock

                            David Bishop

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