STS-71 and Mir docked over UK.

From: Neil T Clifford <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 18:29:08 -0400

Hello folks,

Fighting the twilight over London and the smog we picked up the docked pair
low in the SW skies, probably reaching mag 0/-1 at peak - easily naked eye
for 30 secs. Truly beautiful if short lived pass.

Been priveliged to see the whole show live here. Now onto last programme of
the day due on BBC1 2235UTC for any who can get it. Clear skies to the folks
in the US and southern Europe - that's about it for the UK as regards passes.

FYI we used Mir elset 102 from OIG; it was good enough - only Jupiter and
Arcturus were visible so hard to gauge timing plus I was too excited :-)

We have Alexei Leonov in the studio and he has a big grin on his face...

Neil T Clifford
Received on Thu Jun 29 1995 - 19:20:50 UTC

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