HANDE Algorithm Elements

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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 04:21:57 -0400

Rob Matson, the author of Skymap 5.9, was kind enough to send the
following message describing the individual elements included in HANDE
algorithm element sets. Additionally, the message contains an address
where interested persons may obtain a copy of "Spacetrack Report 6"
describing the model.

Mr. Matson's message follows:


Haven't forgotten about you, Jim -- just haven't had any spare time lately.
 I've got the report in my lap right now. In the front, it says you can
write for a copy at the following address:

Department of Commerce
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Rd.
Springfield, VA 22161

It also says special inquiries can be addressed to:

Project SPACETRACK Reports
Directorate of Astrodynamics
HQ Air Force Space Command
Peterson AFB, CO 80914-5001
Stop: 7

The parameters for the 3-line elements in order are as follows:

Line1: Satellite #, Int'l designator, epoch time, 1st-derivative of mean
motion divided by 2, 2nd-derivative of mean motion divided by 6, B (in
meters**2-kg, I think), and the element #.
(This is identical to line 1 of the 2-line sets except B occupies the
position of B-Star).

Line2: Satellite # (again), inclination, right ascension, eccentricity,
argument of perigee, mean anomaly, mean motion, and epoch rev.
(This is the same as line 2 of the 2-line sets).

Line3: Satellite # (again), third-derivative of mean motion divided by 24,
4th-derivative of mean motion divided by 120, first derivative of
eccentricity, 2nd-derivative of eccentricity divided by 2, third derivative
of eccentricity over 6, first-derivative of inclination, first-derivative of
right ascension, first-derivative of argument of perigee, and
first-derivative of mean anomaly.

So, excluding the satellite #, int'l designator, epoch time, epoch rev and
element #, there are really a total of 18 parameters for the HANDE element
set -- 9 more than for the 2-line elements. Let me know if you need more
detailed information, but this at least is a start. --Rob


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