RE: 96-29 trio deployment

Leo Barhorst (
Sun, 2 Jun 96 12:28:19 PDT

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Observation at 2420 Willowbrae at 00:48 U.T. on June 1 of 96-29A
showed a second object trailing it by 4.6 seconds. Magnitude at
good phase estimated at +6.5. This is believed to be the first
of the deployment of a trio of NOSS satellites, and I am calling it
96-29C. A second object can be expected shortly, with a gap until
the third object is deployed, due to need to give a different
arg of perigee value. It will be interesting to then try to
determine what happens to the "A" object.
best wishes  Russell

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This morning June 2 at 00:05 UT I made an observation of 96- 29 A. I was
preceded by a object, steady, mag 7, about 5 degrees distance. It can be
the above mentioned 96- 29 C as I didn't see any object following the A
This night I twice observed 96- 29 B. At 23:01 UT June 1 it s FP was 5.3
sec, one orbit later at 00:36 UT June 2 the FP was 4.5 sec; both measured
over 10 periods.
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