RE: XTE second stage

Jeff Hunt (
Sun, 2 Jun 96 14:47:37 PDT

OIG's Sat Sit report lists 
23758  1995-074B Delta 2 R/B decayed 1/23/96
23759  1995-074C  DEB        decayed 1/19/96
23760  1995-074D  DEB        decayed 1/ 5/96
23761  1995-074E  DEB        decayed 1/ 5/96

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Does anyone know if the Delta second stage from last December's XTE launch
is still in orbit, and if not, when it reenteretd?  If still in orbit, when
decay is expected?  Thanks!

John C. Broman, Jr.
Orbital Launch Services Project Office
Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 470

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