Jeff Hunt (
Mon, 3 Jun 96 10:02:42 PDT

I thought I had seen one sighting report but I went back to the SeeSat 
archives at
and couldn't find any sighting reports on PAMS-STU.

It is about the size of 30 gal. trash can, painted for visibility but I would 
think be extremely faint (Mag. 7?)

You can find TLEs on 23876 on various TLE sites such as as   (OIG, look in 30 day TLE report)
http:/   (T.KELSO, look in Master File)

It should be a challenging object to view.  Good luck.

Jeff Hunt
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Does anyone have any information about the PAMS-STU deployed
by STS-77? I believe it's expected to remain in orbit till next year.
Is it visible and if so are there any elements published for it?

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