Re: STS-77 Reentry Observed (!)

Philip Chien (
Mon, 3 Jun 1996 16:16:06 -0400

Jim Varney <> notes:
>NASA's future STS mission page at
>shows no 39 deg missions from STS-79 on out to STS-113 in May, 2001.

As a normal rule a 39 degree mission doesn't become a 39 degree mission
until late in the process.  STS-40, STS-62, STS-73, and STS-77 were all
planned as 28.5 degree missions until the decision was made to change the
inclination to optimize lighting conditions, landing times, crew schedules,

The only time a mission was planned - from the start - as a 39 degree
mission was the STS-58 Spacelab Life Sciences-2 mission because it was a
follow-up to the STS-40 SLS-1 mission which flew as a 39 degree flight.

>If you can divulge, got any idea
>how far behind the ISS sked is?

at this point Space Station's first flights are on schedule.  But we're
still well over a year away from First Element Launch.  There are _many_
showstopers ahead and milestones, so it's quite conceivable that something
will happen which will result in a delay to space station's schedule.

A couple of payloads have extended storage authorized, just in case there's
enough money to fly them again, or the manifest opens up.  (euphemism for
space station slip).

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