Shuttle Orbital Data via NASA E-Mail (fwd)

Larry Klaes (
Fri, 7 Jun 1996 14:08:36 -0400 (EDT)

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Date: 07 Jun 96 10:48:43 EDT
From: Ken Ernandes <>
To: SAREX <>
Cc: David Cottle <>,
    "John A. Magliacane, KD2B" <>,
    "\"David H. Ransom\"" <>
Subject: Shuttle Orbital Data via NASA E-Mail

NASA Spacelink has set up a special mailing list for subscription to Shuttle
Orbital Data.  The data provided are the Keplerian elements that David Cottle,
Ken Ernandes N2WWD, and STSPLUS author Dave Ransom  compute from NASA State
Vectors using N2WWD's VEC2TLE software.  This is a coordinated team effort that
typically provides three updates per day, with updates generally occurring at
04:00, 12:00, and 19:00 UTC or thereabout.  To subscribe to this mailing list
send an E-Mail message to the following Internet address:

The text of the message should be as follows:

subscribe STSTLE "Your Name"

Note that "Your Name" should literally be your name as the return E-Mail 
address is used to determine the subscription address.

This orbital data is  the same as N2WWD posts on the AMSAT Web Page at:

While the two services are thus redundant in terms of the information provided,
their modes of operation is what may make one or the other a better choice for
each particular user.

If you are considering subscribing to the mailing list, keep in mind that you
will receive ALL three daily updates, plus any additional postings that may
result from an orbit adjust maneuver.  These postings are made for all Shuttle
missions, so you will receive the orbital data regardless of whether or not a
mission has SAREX equipment on board.  The advantages are that the most current
Keplerian elements will be no further than your E-Mail in-basket and that 
E-Mail is the only internet access required.

The AMSAT World-Wide Web page offers users the flexibility to update their
Keplerian elements on a "by-request" only basis.  Thus the user only receives
the updates he or she specifically asks for.  This service allows SAREX-only or
other occasional users convenient access to the data without being overwhelmed
by a large number of unwanted E-Mail messages.  

The mailing list was established by NASA because the Keplerian elements 
computed by David, Ken, and Dave have become an important source of 
Keplerian data for both professionals as well as amateur satellite 
trackers.  Several facilities controlling experiments on board the  
Shuttle have come to rely on this data as their primary source of 
Keplerian elements during a mission.  By providing the mailing list 
service, NASA has made the coordination and distribution process
easier for the three providers.