MIR: two sightings tonight so far - and pers. intro.

Michael Comiskey (mjc@number8.dnet.co.uk)
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 01:17:01 +0100

Hi All
This is a personal introduction and a report of MIR sightings.
My name is Michael Comiskey. I have been on Seesat-l for several months now,
but this is my first posting. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is
not the best place in the world to see satellites from, being one of the
worst light polluted cities in Europe. I am not really a good observer
either but I am interested in space and satellites and try to see what I
can. I could even see the Great Comet Hayakutake earlier this year from my
back yard, which shows ho bright it was!

Well last night (Tuesday) I used the prediction pages on Neil Clifford's web
site and found that MIR was going to pass over Belfast 3 times tonight. So
far (01:07 BST 1996-06-13) I have seen MIR twice with the naked eye, just at
the times given in the predictions. I am going to stay up to 02:25 to see if
the clouds will stay away till then and I can see my third MIR pass of the

Another downside of living here in Sunny Ireland are the clouds that appear
out of nowhere just at the time you are trying to look for something in the
sky! Mind you on the last pass, I could see MIR through the clouds, it was
so bright. Is the other material which was near it still there?
One final thing. Does anyone have any notion of how bright the International
Space station will be in its various stages of growth over the next few
years? Will it be visible from Belfast, or at least Ireland?

This is a very interesting list and I hope everyone who work so hard keeping
us informed will accept my thanks and keep up the good work.

Michael J Comiskey, at Home in Belfast