RE: Special Binoculars

Chuck Meyer (
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 21:19:56 -0700 (PDT)

> but I'm not familiar with fluxgate
>compasses and wasn't sure what to do for elevation.  Perhaps an array of GPS
  Away from the mosquitos.  And
may be
> and an exchange of ideas
>and hardware suggestions would be beneficial.

I worked on a project using fluxgate compasses once. They are cheap & easy
to use. They are fast & will detect a very small change in azimuth.
However, they will also report changes in pitch or horizontal or vertical
movement (translation) as azimuth. This is because, in the real world, the
lines of magnetic flux of the Earth's magnetic field are not all parallel,
nor are they of consistent density, nor do they run parallel to the Earth's
This is due to magnetic (ferrous) objects nearby, and the influence of
electronic equipment nearby. For a hiker out in the sticks a fluxgate will
work fairly well, but a rifle over the user's shoulder or a backpack full
of camping gear may well degrade the thing's accuracy. In a steel framed
building the fluxgate was worthless. The project involved a Virtual Reality
headmount display.

For the mosquitos, take a couple garlic extract capsules every few hours
before going out. The little buggers will leave you alone. The capsules can
be had at a health food or vitamin shop. The will cause very little body
odor or "garlic breath" On a camping trip they are a necessity.

-- Chuck