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Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 09:03:05 -0400

Some of you may be unaware of the Mir News compiled by Chris v.d. Berg. 
Below is the information file plus a composite of the news available today 
from his website. 
The correct URL for Mir News is apparently 
http://www.support.nl/muurkrant/mirmain.html, although the internal 
links would suggest use of 
I am posting this because of the possibility that the information will 
shed some light on the source(s) of the Mir debris objects. 
I appreciate very much hearing from quite a number of you.  My 
correspondence is horrendously backlogged.  I assure all of you who may 
hope to hear back from me that my unresponsiveness does not signal any 
intended slight nor any lack of interest in the subjects you raise.  I 
apologize for being such a poor correspondent.  Please feel free to 
express any urgency to me. 
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MIRnews information 
MIRNEWS INFORMATION.  reports now obtainable from Internet. 
Many years ago I started this service to enhance the informa 
tion about sovjet manned spaceflight (Salyut-7 and MIR). The 
information about operations, plans, mission-statusses of 
russian spaceflight has always been insufficient. The 'cold 
war' and 'excessive secrecy'  were to blame, but also the fact 
that the russian conception of 'public relations' totally 
differed from that in western countries. Gradually russian 
'public relations' are improving, but there is still a long 
way to go.In my opinion those working and struggling in 
russian spaceflight deserved that we in the west knew what 
they did, what they achieved and how. After a launch it was 
very difficult to get the most simple details: launchtime, 
orbitaldata, frequencies, callsigns, estimated times of opera 
tions, dockings, plans for the near future, etc. So I decided 
to fill up that gap by a regular distribution of 'reports'. I 
gathered my information by monitoring radio-frequencies used 
by spacecraft, trackingships and russian broadcaststations 
and other sources. Recently the Russians started a new servi 
ce: the issue of MIR-statusreports, but for the time being I 
will continue my MIRNEWS-service. The Dutch Association Muur 
krant, the Hague, the Netherlands, will put these messages on 
Internet. The 5 most recent messages  can be downloaded from 
there: (http://www.support.nl/muurkrant/ [this URL edited and, 
hopefully, corrected by WINJr]). Older versions can 
be downloaded from E-mail or from Fido Scoop BBS the Nether 
lands, 03499-96366, file-area 2 or post-areas 16 and 17. 
Chris v.d. Berg, NL-9165/A-UK3202 
MIRNEWS 21 MAY 1996 (305) 
2d Spacewalk (EVA) crew 21st Main Expedition to MIR: 
The EVA began on 20.05.96 at 2250UTC (opening hatch) and ended 
on 21.05.96 at 0410UTC (so duration 5 hrs 20 mins.). 
During the EVA all went well and that what the crew had to do 
has been accomplished for 100% . The crew transferred a solarbattery 
from the outside of the docking compartment (SO) to 
the Kvant-1 (Module-E). For their work the cosmonauts used the 
2d Strela girder. 
Radiotraffic between the cosmonauts and Sannon Lucid who kept 
watch on board MIR went via the normal VHF-frequencies and was 
relayed via the geostationary satellite Altair (Kosmos-2054) 
on 16 dgs West. Shannon assisted the cosmonauts during the 
putting on and off of their spacesuits. During the EVA she 
took care for the systems of the spacestation and the communications. 
3d EVA: 
This is on schedule in the night from 24 to 25.05.96. 
Opening of the hatch on 24.05 at 2050UTC, closing of the hatch 
on 25.05.96 at 0205UTC. During this EVA the cosmonauts will 
deploy, connect and test the solarpanel on Kvant-1. 
MIRNEWS 25 MAY 1996 (306) 
3d Spacewalk (EVA) crew 21ste Main Expedition MIR: 
The cosmonauts Onufriyenko and Usachov made this EVA between 
24.05 at 2047UTC and 25.05 at 0230UTC. 
This EVA lasted somewhat longer than planned, but all went 
well. The cosmonauts installed the new solarpanel on the 
outersurface of Kvant-1, connected the contacts and attended 
the deployment of that panel. This was also a good performance. 
During the last phase of the EVA radiotraffic went via 
Altair-1 (Cosmos-2054) and the known VHF-frequencies. After 
returning inside MIR the cosmonauts expressed their satisfaction 
about the good cooperation with TsUP during this work and 
also about the very good construction of the new solarpanel. 
4th EVA: 
This EVA is on schedule for 30.05.1996 between 1900- 
2100UTC. Main task will be the transfer  of the MOMS (opto- 
electronic stereoscanner) to the outersurface of the Priroda 
module and the installation of this device over there. The 
MOMS has been delivered to MIR as a part of the cargo of the 
Priroda. Apart from this work they will also have to accomplish 
some minor tasks. 
MIRNEWS 31 MAY 1996 (307) 
4th Spacewalk (EVA) Onufriyenko and Usachov: 
This EVA started on 30.05 at 1820UTC (opening of the hatch) 
and ended on 30.05. at 2240UTC (closing of the hatch). 
The MOMS-2 camera (Modular Optoelectronic Multispectral/ 
Stereoscanner has been installed on the outersurface of the 
module Priroda. The 2d task was the installation of an extra 
handrail outside Priroda to facilitate EVA's. The EVA passed 
without problems. 
5th EVA: 
The 5th EVA is already on schedule for 6.06.96. The 
cosmonauts will work on scientific equipment and instrument at 
the outside of Priroda. The times for this EVA not decided 
MIRNEWS 5 JUNE 1996 (308) 
5th Spacewalk (EVA) Onufriyenko and Usachov: 
This EVA is planned for 6.06.1996 between 1655UTC (opening 
hatch) and 1930UTC (closing hatch). 
During this EVA the cosmonauts will work at the outersurface 
of module Spektr and module Kvant-2 ('D'). On Spektr they will 
replace the cassette of the Komza-experiment. Then they will 
retrieve some American and Russian dustcollectors from Module 
Kvant-2 ('D'). 
6th EVA Onufriyenko and Usachov: 
This EVA will take place on 13.06.1996. Times not decided yet. 
During this EVA the cosmonauts will install Ferma-3 (a girder 
or trussconstruction) at the outersurface of the astrophysical 
module Kvant-1. Experience with constructions like these are 
very important for the future. They will be used for the 
building and exploitation of the International Space Station 
MIRNEWS 7 JUNE 1996 (309) 
5th Spacewalk (EVA) MIR-crew: 
This EVA took place on 6.06.1996 between 1656UTC (opening of 
the hatch) and 2030UTC (closing of the hatch). At the outer 
surface of the Module Spektr they replaced a cassette of the 
KOMZA-experiment (a Swiss experiment for the study of inert 
interstellary gasses) and at the outside of Module-D (Kvant-2) 
they installed some detectors for space dust and space debris: 
an American instrument and the SKK-11, a Russian made device. 
The EVA lasted 1 hour longer than had been planned. Onufriyenko 
and Usachov needed for their work and movements considerably 
more time than had been foreseen in the so called cyclogram 
for this EVA. 
During the EVA communications took also place via the geosta 
tionary satellite Altair-1 (Cosmos-2054). Now and then the EVA 
cosmonauts gave instructions to Shannon Lucid who was on duty 
inside the complex and observed the EVA through portholes. 
6th EVA: 
Still on schedule for 13.06.96. Times not yet decided. 
Task: Installation of the Ferma-3 girder construction at 
the outersurface of the astrophysical module Kvant-1.