Re: Mir & debris: obs. & questions

Jeffrey C. Hunt (
Tue, 18 Jun 1996 14:31:43 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Bill Krosney wrote:

> Questions:

> Is this a somewhat regular occurrence?  Back in Oct. 95 someone commented
> that the Soviets do "dump trash" every so often.  The recent abundance of
> debris seems to indicate  that this is more than just dumping trash.

It is my understanding that what use to be "trash dumping" years ago has 
been curtailed and "trash" is placed in the expendable Progress vessel 
for burnable re-entry when they are available.  I believe Progress M31 is 
still docked with Mir. The recent abundance of 
debris seems to be associated with the recent EVAs.  So far I have not 
seen an authoritative source on the Net state what is the source of the 
recent debris. I assume it to be from the EVAs. 

> If we could expect debris sightings to accompany EVA activty, is there a
> schedule of planned EVA's for the Mir crew?

I just read a web site link (I'm sorry, I forget which one) that stated 
there are no more EVAs planned for the exists Mir crew.  I believe the next 
planned EVA is in Sept 96 my the next Mir crew.

and the associated links on that web site; also

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