Re: some debris timings

Tristan Cools (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 22:32:56 +0200 (MET DST)

I finally succeeded in identifying all Mir fragments, seen on June 15.
Obvious question:  Were is that Pepsi can ??????
Time of passage was close to 18 BOO.

22h37m33.5s     86-17KQ/23897   varying and bright, confirmed, 0.5s late     
22h37m55.9s     86-17KU/23901   varying and bright, confirmed, 1.1s early
22h40m23.3s     86-17KP/23896   varying and bright, confirmed, 0.7s early
22h40m48.3s     86-17LE/23918   0.6s early    
22h41m49.7s     86-17KL/23892   0.2s early
22h41m56.1s     86-17KZ/23911   0.1s early
22h42m11.8s     86-17LC/23914   previously thought to be 86-17KX, 1.8 late
22h42m12.7s     86-17LA/23912   1.7s late, previously thought to be nothing(!)
22h43m17.1s     86-17LK/23923   not KY, 0.1s late
22h43m31.8s     86-17LH/23921   not KY, 0.8s late
22h43m33.7s     86-17LG/23920   not KY, 1.7s late 
22h43m52.6s     86-17A/16609    Mir, mag -2
22h44m10.1s     86-17LR/23929   not JV, 1.1s late  also bright fragment

Tristan Cools
51.13N  3.16E