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I hope I may be allowed this slightly off-topic request :-)

I am writing a magazine article about observing satellites and would like to 
include some book references. If anybody could send me 
title/author/publisher/date of either out of print, or current books, I would 
be most grateful.

Please mail me direct, not via the list.

Many thanks, Nick.

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In addition to Sidney Miller's list:

The pictorial history of NASA, Bill Yenne, London, Bison Books, 1989

Guide to manned missions, C van den Berg Jr, Holland, Gemini Prod, 1988

1991-1992 Europe & Asia in Space, Nicholas Johnson, DC-TR-2191.103-1
USAF Phillips Laboratory, 1994?

Solar Systenm Log, Andrew Wilson, London, Jane's Pub, 1987

The illustrated history of man in space, Robin Kerrod, USA, Mallard Press, 

Re-entry of space debris, ESA SP-246, ESTEC, Noordwijk The Netherlands, 1986

Apollo expeditions to the moon, EM Cortright et., NASA SP-350, Washington DC, 

Apollo, The Apollo story, Victor Briggs comp., New English Lib, Holborn, 1972

A tapestry of orbits, Desmond King-Hele, Cambridge Univ. Press, UK, 1992

Space Science, RL McDonald & WH Hesse, CE Merril Pub Co, Columbus, OH, 1970

Photometric Periods of Artificial Satellites, Belgian Working Group 
Satellites, first pub 1990, yearly updates

Proceedings of Eurosom 1, Bart de Pontieu & Leo Barhorst etd, Belgian Working 
Group Satellites, 1996

World Wide satellite Launches, Phillip S Clark, Whitton. UK, pub yearly since 
1993, with montly updates

Artificial Satellite Observing, Howard Miles et, Faber and Faber, London, 

There are more books, translated into dutch, I can search if needed to find 
the original title ect.


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