Re: Software at Eurosom 2 ?

Neil Clifford (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 18:26:51 +0100 (BST)

|> [discussion concerning the ftp/www deprived obtaining software]

For those without ftp or web access perhaps I should point out the
existance of www-to-email and ftp-to-email gateways. These are simply
servers you can send instructions to (as part of an email) and they will
send the plain text (or uuencoded binary) file back to you in the mail.
Perhaps a little clumsy and annoying to use, but then again perhaps 
not as annoying as having no way of getting hold of the
information/software in the first place.

Two ftpmail gateways that come to mind are and

For details of the commands available and instructions send a message
with the one word 'help' in it to the server.

A www-email gateway (the only one I know of) is located at

Send mail to this with the word 'WWW' in the body in order to get hold
of instructions for using it.

Hope this is of some use....regards,

Neil Clifford                             <>