TiPS maybe near 27:2 resonance

Ted Molczan (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 23:32:44 -0400

I have noticed that TiPS may be very near 27:2 resonance 
- its groundtrack nearly repeats every 27 revs, or about 
every 2 days. Based on my search elset, the resonance is 
27.0068:2; based on Rainer's, it is 26.9963:2.

On page 196 of a A Tapestry of Orbits, Desmond King-Hele
states that the first satellite analysed at 27:2 was the
Aureole 2 rocket, but severe drag limited the value of the 

Perhaps the tether will in some way limit the usefulness
of this object for geoid studies.

bye for now