RE: Visual Elements Lists

Jeff Hunt (
Tue, 25 Jun 96 23:02:33 PDT


ONE (there are others) source of visual TLEs is

It is updated weekly for the Windows tracking program SatSpy.  Since this 
program is for LEO visual sats, most (not all) elements are for visible sats. 
And then you have to take it with a grain of salt as being visual for a lot 
of them (mag7?).  The reason I like it is that it is more comprehensive than 
OIGs VISIBLE TLE file. The disadvantage is the elements are about a week 
old by the time they are issued.  If you use the file with SatSpy, then 
estimated magnitudes are provided by the program for some of the sats.
You can find another good list of visible sats and associated magnitudes with 
the file (for QuickSat) It is found at :
Regards, Jeff Hunt
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I'm wondering if anyone can supply me with a good site for 
downloading VISUAL elements. 
Thanks in Advance,
John Valente
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