notes from a temporary address

Ian & Shari Porter (
Sat, 29 Jun 96 08:27:13 UT

Well, foul weather in the Australian Alps has made obseving a hit and miss 
affair over the last few weeks. Hopeing the weather will clear in time to have 
a squiz at Columbia. Has STS-78 been difficult to observe ? The lack of 
reports seems strange.
Did get a good look as EGP for about three nights in a row - great object for 
a beginner like me.
Are any other geodosy "mirror balls" as visible as EGP ?

Can anyone tell me the intrinsic Mag of MSTI-3 ? I have failed to spot it 4 
out of 4 times during supposedly good passes. 
I have had no such trouble with MSTI-2 .

I am only using this MSN connection for a short time as I will soon be moving 
south to Melbourne, (ohh how I wish it was Melbourne, Florida ;warm, KSC just 
up the road, although I could do without the hurricanes)

Ian Porter
Tumbarumba NSW Australia (not for much longer)