Superbird A and TDF 1; was Re: Gorizont 16, continued

From: Bjoern Gimle (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 03:32:13 PDT

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    I have an axis for TDF 1, determined only by Ed Cannon's obs in June and
    August 2000, as RA 14.68,Dec +62.9. This places the flashes at RA 09:55
    dec.-1.5 around 20:30 UTC-7 on the 3rd; RA 09:50, dec.-1.5 around 20:50
    UTC-7 on the 5th for California.
    I have Rob's SuperbirdA rot.axis at 18.7312,-1.91, but not its precession
    available. I believe the cone angle is closer to 90 than to 89 degrees. This
    would give flashes at RA 16:34, -9. around 02:28 UTC-7 for June 05. However,
    my prediction does not match Rob's from Mar.27, so I hope Rob will give a
    better prediction (and me better axis angles)!
    > I noticed the geoflashers Superbird A & TDF-1 are well placed for
    > observations from my site, does anyone have any idea of time of flash
    > for either of these satellites?
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