06-04 Observations

From: Jonathan T Wojack (tlj18@juno.com)
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 11:56:44 PDT

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    01:56:39 - Saw Cosmos 1892.
    01:59:55 - Saw a SL-16 Rocket.
    At about 02:16, I saw a UNID, going north to south, in the western sky at
    about 70 degrees elevation, with a magnitude of about +3 to +4.5 (it was
    somewhere around that brightness.  I don't know exactly how bright, since
    I saw it in binoculars, where anything brighter than +6 looks bright in
    my binoculars.  And of course I couldn't see it naked-eye with all my
    light-pollution and a full moon in the sky).  Anybody have an idea of
    what it could have been?
    03:22:58 - saw a very pleasantly bright -7 flare from Iridium 29.
    P.S.:  I wanted to see more satellites, including some ISS passes, but
    right when I started observing, the local basketball team won a playoff
    series.  Within minutes, I began to hear disturbing drunken yells in the
    distance, a couple hundred meters away or so.  By ~ 02:18, the yells
    began to come closer, and then I heard what seemed to be someone firing
    off a gun.  That was it - I went inside, choosing to live another day, at
    the expense of not seeing some good satellite passes.
    At ~ 05:45, I saw a nice telescopic view of Mars which is quickly coming
    to opposition.
    At ~ 09:10, I saw Venus rising in the east.  It is at the familar 1st/3rd
    quarter illumination stage as viewed from Earth.
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