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Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 09:23:49 PDT

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    Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    > > The heat is from the sun.  All orbiting satellites must have
    > > radiators
    > > and a cooling system to shed this excess heat. 
    This is at least very "imprecise" statement. The spacecraft's radiators
    are used to dissipate internal thermal energy generated by electrical
    devices onboard and other systems generating waste heat (eg. fuel
    cells). External thermal input from Sun might be supressed by external
    thermal insulation (eg. gold-plated polyester film) and/or reradiated
    into space in slow rotation mode (AKA "barbecue mode"). The surface
    temperature rises on the lit side of spacecraft due to solar radiative
    warming and it drops on the shadowed side due to irradiance in cold
    > Did the Apollo spacecraft have radiators, too, or did they 'only' rotate
    > the spacecraft to spread out the heat intensity over most of the hull
    > surface?
     Yes, the radiators were located on cylindrical sides of Service Module
    (SM). Cooling of Command Module systems during launch and after SM
    separation was done by water evaporator (I must check in my archive
    wheter there was also ammonia boiler used durin early stages of flight
    and after parachute deployment, ie. in denser parts of atmosphere, where
    the efficiency of water boiler is rather low).
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