Re: First observed lunar transit

From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 13:13:32 PDT

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    > > > One of the things we remarked about was how accurate Skymap was. 
    >  Skymap
    > > > just absolutely *nailed* the track right across the lunar disk.  
    > Skymap
    > > > called a cusp-to-cusp transit and that is just what we saw.  
    > Hats off to
    > > > Rob Matson, author of Skymap -- outstanding job with Skymap!
    I certainly would never know.  I've downloaded and attempted to install
    Skymap four times - and encounters a fatal error each time.  I think I
    brought this up before, and no one was able to tell me what was wrong. 
    My question is: has anyone else encountered the slightest fatal error in
    installing Skymap?
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