Iridia Miss Moon

From: Denis V. Denissenko (
Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 12:30:05 PDT

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    Here's follow-up to my previous message.
    As promised, I have checked 300 visible passes of Iridium flares I
    have at my comp (starting from August 2000) and have found 4 of them
    within several degrees from the Moon:
    Iridium 51 on Aug 21, 2000 (-4 m at my location and not too close)
    Iridium 64 on Jan 05, 2001 (+0 m, just passed by Moon 25 sec prior
    Iridium 11 on Feb 02, 2001 (-8 m, yet between Jupiter and Saturn!!!
    Of course I was clouded out during this unique one...)
    Iridium 59 on Mar 02, 2001 (-4 m, but with Sun only at -3 deg
    "elevation" - otherwise probably the most impessive).
    Check out all plots with moments of flares marked with red circles:
    Note: Moon's size on the plots is about 4 times larger than the real
    So the result is: out of 300 flares visible from my location no one
    happened over the Moon, but Mar 02, 2001 flare probably crossed the
    Moon somewhere 30-40 km due south.  Somebody some day may witness a
    real transit.
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