RE: RE: Awesome ISS photos!!!

From: Ulrich Beinert (
Date: Sun Jun 10 2001 - 14:07:20 PDT

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    > This is aided by the fact that we can stack images to improve the signal
    > to noise ratio (by the
    > square root of the number of images being stacked ... from what I recall).
    This is correct. The results of this are amazing, not only with the ISS, but
    also with the planets. There's some amazing stuff out there!
    >       I would bet the reason that your hit rate is higher than
    > Dave's is that you have a much
    > larger field of view with your 90 mm scope.
    Ah, yes, you are right again. So his record is about as good as mine, maybe
    even better. The scopes I'm working with are 1000 and 1250mm focal length. I
    have a friend with a 10" SCT, but it's poorly collimated, but once we get it
    in shape, I'll try some shots with that. I've also been considering a barlow
    lens for my setup, but I need a really high quality lens for this kind of
    work, and I'd also be at f/20, so I'd have a far too dark image to freeze
    (the webcam doesn't gather enough light to use a short enough exposure).
    I'll be looking into getting an AstroVid camera, those are supposed to be
    very light sensitive, but I'm not sure I want to work with a VCR. I like
    having the video right on my hard disk....
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