ISS eclipsed ?

From: Tristan Cools (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 01:49:12 PDT

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    I found this on another mailing list:
    >Dag allemaal,
    >Volgens Alphonse Pouplier zal ISS (welke voorzien is om 22:13 UT maandag
    >avond) gedurende 2 minuten ongeveer (van 15 tot 17) verdwijnen achter de
    >schaduw van de aarde en dan weer verschijnen voordat het achter de horizon
    >gaat. Maximum hoogte is 36 graden, niet veel weliswaar.
    It's in Dutch so here's the translation:
    According to Alphonse Pouplier, ISS(which can be seen from 22:13UT monday
    evening(June 11)) will disappear in the Earth's shadow for about 2
    minutes(from 22:15 untill 22:17) and then re-appear before it goes behind
    the horizon.  Maximum  height is 36 degrees.
    I simulated this with Satspy and other programs but this statement seems to
    be wrong.  My question is: can this be possible with LEO satellites ?  I
    have never seen this before.
    This prediction is for Belgium(Brussels=50deg48min N and 4deg22min E)
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